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You would not want your lawyer representing both sides, so why would you choose a realtor who did not have your best interest at heart?

Working exclusively with The Buyer’s Agents, 100% of your needs and desires for your home search is valued. Our agents will only show you homes and property that closely match exactly what you want in a home.

Where else can you find customer service that is truly all about you and a home buying experience that sets the standard for years to come?

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Meet the Team


Randy Graham


Randy is a 13+ year residential real estate veteran and a founding partner of Buyer's Agents of Goldsboro. He would like to use his knowledge and expertise to guide you through the complexities of the home-buying process. Having lived in Wayne County for most of his life, he is familiar with the people and the neighborhoods of Wayne County.
As an exclusive buyer's agent, Randy will use his education and experience to represent and protect your interests when you purchase the home of your dreams. He will guide you through each step of the way as you follow up with house inspections, negotiating repairs, and finally close the deal. You will never have to worry about who represents you as he only works for the buyer! He will not be a dual agent or a designated agent -- only a true "buyer's agent" with all focus on his buyer's desires.
Randy is a client-focused agent. He prides himself in being very responsive to his customers. He is available by phone, text, and email, and will promptly respond to your questions.


Peggie Ivers


All real estate agents and companies are not the same in quality and quantity of services they provide. Peggie is an exclusive buyer's agent. She is committed to providing you with quality, customized service that meets YOUR needs when buying your new home in Wayne County.
Peggie is an excellent source of real estate service and information. Her goal is to become the professional you rely on in real estate. Peggie Wants to be the first source of information when you have a question about real estate, are thinking of a move, or know someone who is.
Peggie is a military spouse who specializes in military relocation and first time home buyers. She will help you become acquainted with Goldsboro and Seymour Johnson AFB, and the features it offers every member of your family.
For those of you who are planning on relocating, Peggie can provide you helpful relocation information for your new town.


Marissa Kelly


Marissa is an Eastern Wayne High School and Wayne Community College graduate. Marissa bought her first house along with her husband, Ryan, in their early 20's and caught the real estate bug. Marissa obtained her real estate license through J.Y. Monk in 2018 and is eager to help other first time home buyers with the American dream of home ownership. Marissa enjoys decorating and gardening and most importantly being mommy to her two little boys, Beau and Brooks.

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